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Man gives cops 980 euros spewed out by ATM

Boxing Day surprise for Moroccan-Italian walking in Naples

(ANSA) - NAPLES, DEC 28 - A Moroccan-Italian man spotted that an ATM had spontaneously spewed out some 980 euros, picked up the money and handed it in to the nearest police station in Naples on Boxing Day, the man's wife said Monday.
    Khalil Semmah, 51, married with a son who attends Naples university, "did not hesitate a second" in handing in the 20 and 50 euro notes, she said.
    She said her husband had decided to go for a walk in order not to disturb his son who was studying for an upcoming exam in their small flat.
    He happened to walk past the ATM and noticed the money lying on the ground outside it.
    Police examined the machine and said it had not been tampered with or damaged in any way.
    They are now trying to establish whether a hack attack made it disgorge the sum. (ANSA).


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