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COVID: Nurse to be first person in Italy to get vaccine

Vaccination campaign to start Dec 27

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 22 - A female nurse working at Rome's Spallanzani infectious-diseases hospital will be the first person in Italy to be vaccinated when the nation's COVID-19 vaccination campaign starts on December 27, sources said Tuesday.
    The Spallanzani said Tuesday that the first five vaccinations will be administered on 'V-Day' on Sunday to five of its employees - a female nurse, a member of its assistive personnel staff, a researcher and two doctors.
    The nurse and the doctors will then be part of the team that vaccinates their colleagues, the sources said.. The Spallanzani is set to initially be the central hub for the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine, which should arrive in Italy on December 24 after getting approved by the European Medicines Agency on Monday.
    General Luciano Portolano said during a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella Tuesday that the Italian military will be in charge of distributing the vaccine to 21 sites across the nation. (ANSA).


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