Video of man dying in Naples hospital toilet goes viral

'Deplorable' says Cardarelli chief, 'shocking' says Di Maio

(ANSA) - NAPLES, NOV 12 - A video of an elderly man with COVID-19 dying in a toilet in the ER ward of a Naples hospital has gone viral in Italy, sparking a row.
    The man was already being treated for COVID-19 at Cardarelli Hospital.
    The final cause of death is not known, although he is suspected to have had a heart attack.
    Someone got into the toilet to take the video while staff were away looking for a stretcher for the body, hospital sources said.
    Cardarelli general manager Giuseppe Longo said "it is deplorable that such events are the subject of exploitation aimed at constructing terrible and dangerous suggestions in public opinion".
    In the video, the man is seen slumped over the toilet.
    Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said: "the images of the patient found dead in Cardarelli Hospital in Naples are shocking".
    "...Now we must intervene immediately and we must do so above all in the South, which risks imploding.
    "I believe our government must not waste time and must r respond, as it has always done".
    Di Maio added that "local agencies must safeguard their citizens".
    Naples doctors said Wednesday the situation in the city's hospitals was "on the verge of collapse", like many others across the country. (ANSA).


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