Choreographer Tommassini in fight with burglars

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 27 - Top Italian pop music choreographer and theatre director Luca Tommassini was attacked and robbed by burglars outside his home in the trendy Roman Trastevere district on Sunday night, police said Monday.
    The would-be burglars smashed a window and tried to get into the home but instead grappled with Tommassini at the entrance.
    "They had a bag with hatchets and jemmies in, they pushed and shoved me, pointing a pistol to my throat," said the world.renowned choreographer.
    "I begged them not to kill me...I was in the hands of these madmen for so long..then the police arrived and they fled".
    The gang of two made off with Tommassini's cellphone and some cash.
    The attack took place at around eleven o'clock, police said.
    Former dancer Tommasini, 50, has worked with artists including Diana Ross (Super Bowl XXX), Prince, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue and Michael Jackson (appearing in the video for Blood on the Dance Floor, 1997), and with Italian stars ranging from Claudio Baglioni to Lorella Cuccarini.
    He gained further fame on the Italian edition of X-Factor.


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