Carabinieri arrest Italian 'ISIS bride' in Syria

Italian police have repatriated woman's children too

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 29 - The ROS unit of Italy's Carabinieri police said Tuesday that it has arrested Alice Brignoli, an Italian 'ISIS bride', in Syria.
    Brignoli was the wife of Mohamed Koraichi, an Italian with Moroccan roots who became an ISIS militant.
    The couple left Italy to join ISIS in 2015, taking their three children with them, according to investigators.
    Koraichi, who is thought to have died, took part in ISIS military operations while the ROS said that Brugnoli had an "active role in teaching the children the cause of the jihad".
    She is accused of criminal association for terrorism.
    The ROS unit tracked down Brignoli and her four children - she gave birth to her fourth child in Syria - and have brought them back to Italy.
    Sources said that Brignoli was "extremely happy" to return to Italy, even though she knew she would go to jail and her children would be put into care.
    "It's a lovely Italian story," Prosecutor Alberto Nobili, the head of Milan's anti-terrorism pool, told ANSA. "It highlights the great capacity of the Italian police forces and the strength of international cooperation". (ANSA).


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