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Minister says he's pained bear M49 is in a cage

Animal broke out of enclosure twice in a year

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 9 - Environment Minister Sergio Costa said Wednesday that he is pained that a bear known as M49 is now in a cage after twice escaping from its enclosed area at a wildlife park in the province of Trento.
    That bear, which is also nicknamed Papillon, was captured for the first time last year after killing livestock.
    "It hurts to know that Papillon is locked in a cage," said Costa.
    "During the months of his regained freedom, he showed no signs of being dangerous to humans.
    "He sought food, as is right.
    "He could have had a tracking collar put on him again and been followed remotely".
    The minister added that he was in talks with Provincial President Maurizio Fugatti about the bear and had told officials to check on the condition M49 is being kept in. (ANSA).


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