Wildfire approaches residential area of L'Aquila

Sicily and Sardinia battling forest fires too

(ANSA) - ROME, 04 AGO - Firefighters have increased their efforts to combat a wildfire that is approaching a residential area of L'Aquila.
    The blaze, which may have been created deliberated, is one of several forest fires that are currently raging in Italy in the intense summer heat.
    In Sardinia, Canadair aircraft are pouring water on a big blaze that is being fanned by mistral winds at Torpè, in the province of Nuoro.
    This in an area that had already seen farmland devastated by flames in Orgosolo and Sarule.
    In Sicily, the province of Palermo is once again fighting the flames, with fires in the area of Monreale, between Pioppo and Giacalone, and in the countryside between Montelepre and Partinico.
    The Italian fire brigade said that it has carried out 22,207 interventions to combat fires since June 15.
    The good news is that this is 4,612 fewer than in the same period last year.
    It said the worst-hit region so far this year is Sicily ( 5,717 interventions).
    Then came Puglia (5,012 interventions), Lazio (3,026), Campania (2,269), Calabria (1,936) and Sardinia (960). (ANSA).


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