Six convicted over deadly nightclub stampede

Six people were crushed after panic caused by pepper spray

(ANSA) - ROME, 30 LUG - A court in Ancona found six young people guilty of causing a deadly stampede at a night club in the nearby town of Corinaldo that claimed six lives in December 2018.
    The gang used pepper spray at the "Lanterna Azzurra nightclub to take advantage of the disruption and steal valuables, causing the panic that led to the stampede.
    Five adolescents, Asia Nasoni, Benedetta Vitali, Daniele Pongetti, Emma Fabini, Mattia Orlandi, and a 39-year-old woman, Eleonora Girolimini were killed.
    The crowd was waiting to see a show by the rapper Sfera Ebbasta.
    The members of the 'pepper spray' gang got prison terms of between 10 years, five months and 12 years, four months. (ANSA).


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