Teen gangs 'running rampage' on Romagna Riviera

Threaten people with tasers in Rimini and Riccione

(ANSA) - RIMINI, JUL 16 - Teen gangs are "running rampage' on the Romagna Riviera, local dailies said Thursday.
    The youths, some of them of North African or Eastern European extraction, meet up in Italy's most popular beach resorts after coordinating their movements on social media, police were quoted as saying.
    They have allegedly been responsible for a string of petty thefts and robberies along the iconic coastline as well as hooliganism and generally making mischief, dailies said.
    On two recent separate occasions, in Riccione and Rimini, they allegedly threatened people with tasers.
    The so-called "rampages" have been taking place at weekends recently. (ANSA).


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