Probe may be opened after devastating Palermo flash floods

Uncertainty over whether extreme weather claimed any lives

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 16 - Palermo prosecutors are considering opening an investigation into Wednesday's flash floods that brought the Sicilian capital to its knees, sources said Thursday.
    The floods, caused by a sudden burst of torrential rain, caused damage and massive disruption, with firefighters making around 300 interventions.
    There is uncertainty about whether the extreme weather claimed any lives.
    A search is continuing for for two people who, according to an eye witness, were trapped in a car that was submerged in flood water in an underpass.
    But rescuers have not found any bodies so far and no one has been reported missing.
    The eventual Palermo investigation would look into whether anyone is criminally responsible for the alleged inadequacy of city's preventative measures and emergency response. (ANSA).


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