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Ligurian motorways hit by more traffic chaos

Cops poised to distribute water in sweltering weather

(ANSA) - GENOA, JUL 7 - Ligurian motorways were hit by fresh road traffic chaos amid works on tunnel maintenance on Tuesday.
    There was a 14-km tailback on the A26 near Genoa.
    On the A10, not far away, there was a 3km tailback.
    The civil protection department told police to be ready to distribute water to motorists given the sweltering July heat.
    It was the second straight day of long tailbacks on motorways near Genoa.
    On Monday Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti said the situation was the result of a "war" between the government and motorway company ASPI which allegedly started after the collapse of Genoa's Morandi bridge in mid-August 2018, killing 43 people.
    ASPI's concessions are still being reviewed.
    ASPI is a part of the Benetton-controlled Atlantia group.


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