Coronavirus:Cases down in EU but transmission continues-ECDC

Incidence up in some countries, in part due to big outbreaks

While COVID-19 cases are decreasing in Europe, virus transmissionis still being reported in most countries, and some countries are reporting an increase in infections, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said in its latest rapid risk assessment, which is specifically dedicated to areas where the epidemic seems to be in resurgence.
    Increase in Several Areas.
    It said that there was a 12% decrease in the incidence of new reported cases in Europe between June 16 and 30, but added that the trend was not uniform and there was an increase in several areas.
    "The reasons vary," the experts wrote. "In some countries, the increases may reflect increases in testing. Indeed, testing rates in Luxembourg have increased rapidly over the past weeks and weekly positivity rates remain very low.
    "In contrast, testing rates in Czechia and Romania have remained stable and there is an indication of an increase in test positivity rate over time.
    "A number of outbreaks in specific settings have been reported recently by countries, which might also contribute locally to increasing rates. Notably, a number of outbreaks have been reported in meat processing centres (Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands) and mines (Czechia, Poland and Sweden)." Transmission Risk.
    The document said that the risk of COVID-19 transmission in countries reporting an increase is moderate for the general population, but high for those with defined factors associated with elevated risk "The overall risk of COVID-19 transmission further rising in these countries with observed increase of COVID-19 incidence is considered high if no appropriate monitoring systems and capacities for extensive testing and contact tracing are in place, and if distancing measures are eased when there is still ongoing community transmission," the document concluded. (ANSA).


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