Coronavirus: New hotspots to be expected - WHO official

COVID-19 behaving like the Spanish Flu says Ranieri Guerra

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 26 - A senior World Health Organization (WHO) official said Friday that the new coronavirus hotspots that have cropped up in Italy in recent days are to be expected.
    "There is no concern because it was amply expected," Dr Ranieri Guerra, the WHO's Assistant Director-General for Strategic Initiatives, told RAI television when asked about hotspots in Bologna and in Mondragone, in Campania.
    "Both of the hotspots were identified immediately and restricted, so the system is holding up.
    "It is inevitable that there will be hotspots in Italy and Europe".
    Guerra also warned, however, that the coronavirus emergency is far from over.
    "COVID-19 is behaving as we had hypothesized," he said.
    "The comparison is with the Spanish Flu, which behaved exactly like COVID.
    "It went down in the summer and resumed ferociously in September and October, causing 50 million deaths in the second wave".


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