First car crosses new Genoa bridge

Viaduct replaces Morandi bridge after disaster that killed 43

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 22 - The first car crossed the new Genoa bridge on Monday.
    The new viaduct replaces the Morandi bridge, which collapsed in August 2018 with the loss of 43 lives The car that had the honour of crossing the bridge first was carrying Pietro Salini, the CEO of the Webuild engineering group.
    The bridge is designed by Genoa native and top architect Renzo Piano and features sails to reflect the northwestern port city's maritime heritage.
    Reconstruction commissioner and Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci, who took a walk on the bridge with Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti on Saturday, called for central government to give clarity about who will manage the new bridge.
    Atlantia subsidiary Autostrade per l'Italia risks losing its highway concessions after allegedly failing to take the action that would have prevented the Morandi-bridge disaster.
    "Now we urgently need to know who we must hand the structure over to and who will deal with the final inspection," Bucci said.
    "It's an obligatory step to be able to open the bridge. If we don't get answers we are ready to go up the River Tiber on a boat". (ANSA).


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