Codogno hospital ER reopens

Virus hit Vo' Euganeo in Veneto at start of Jan says expert

(ANSA) - Milan, June 4 - The ER ward at the hospital at Codogno, the Lombardy town hit first by the coronavirus emergency in February, reopened on Thursday. The ER was closed down on the night of February 20-21 when Italy's first coronavirus patient, a man named Mattia, was detected.
    Meanwhile Padua University Microbiology lecturer Andrea Crisanti, who leads the fight against the emergency in Veneto, said the virus hit the first hotspot there, Vo' Euganeo, "around the first or second week in January".
    This has emerged, he said, from "an analysis of the serological tests conducted on the (local) population".
    Furthermore, tests have shown that 5% of the Vo' population has antibodies to COVID-19.


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