Lombardy denies 'doctoring' virus data

'Offensive' words from Cartabellotta says regional govt

(ANSA) - Milan, May 28 - The head of the Gimbe scientific foundation on Thursday accused Lombardy regional officials of "doctoring" the northern region's data on the coronavirus, a claim the region dismissed as false.
    "They are working some sleight of hand on the numbers," said Nino Cartabellotta, a surgeon.
    The regional government responded by saying his words were "extremely serious, offensive and above all not in line with the truth".
    The region said that "no one, starting with the ISS (Higher Health Institute), has ever called into question the quality of our work".
    It said the data in Lombardy were "published in a transparent way". The regional government voiced the hope that Cartabellotta would retract his statements.
    Lombardy has seen about half of Italy's 33,000 COVID deaths.


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