Much changed in last 4 days - Gallera (3)

Number of new cases falling in region says councillor

(ANSA) - Milan, March 30 - A lot has changed in the coronavirus emergency in Lombardy over the past four days, Welfare Councillor Giulio Gallera said Monday, saying that a fall in new cases had eased the pressure on ERs and ambulances.
    "In Lombardy we are noting a fall in the number of cases but above all in the pressure on accident and emergency wards and on the action of ambulances," he said.
    "A lot has changed in the last four days. It is the sign that the great effort we are making, aside from some idiots, is working." Gallera said that at Milan's Sacco Hospital, "on Friday they had 39 coronavirus deaths, they had seven on Saturday and nine on Sunday. It's just one example, but there is a definite reduction in pressure".
    He added that the first patients would start arriving at a new intensive care hospital created in the Milan fair area "between Sunday and Monday".


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