30 docs dead inc 17 GPs

FIMMG appeals for more PPE, over 5,000 health workers infected

(ANSA) - Rome, March 25 - Some 30 doctors have now died with the coronavirus in Italy including 17 GPs, the federation of general medicine doctors FIMMG said Wednesday. It said five of the six doctors who have died in the last 24 hours were family doctors.
    FIMMG made a reiterated and urgent appeal for doctors to be properly protected with personal protection equipment (PPE).
    "No one can be at ease with their own conscience if they expose health workers to unnecessary risks," it said.
    The family of one doctor who died with the coronavirus in Turin said Wednesday they may sue the Italian State for compensation. "The State should give a strong and clear signal: it must compensate the families of doctors and nurses who have died for their activities safeguarding public health," said their lawyer, Gino Arnone. "Otherwise we are ready to wage a legal battle". Over 5,000 Italian health workers have been infected with the coronavirus, the Anaao Assomed union said in a letter to Higher Health Institute President Silvio Brusaferro Wednesday. The union called for immediate action to provide all workers with individual protection equipment. Piedmont union chief Chiara Rivetti recalled that on Tuesday another two surgeons had been intubated with the virus in Turin.