Anti-Semitic graffiti outside 2 schools

Jewish community says it won't be intimidated

(ANSA) - Rome, February 12 - Anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled outside the entrance of two schools in the town of Pomezia, near Rome, on Wednesday. Pomezia Mayor Adriano Zuccalà said council workers were working to remove the graffiti outside the Pascal high school and the Istituto Largo Brodolini, condemning the "cowardly gesture". Zuccalà said the episode was particularly bad as it comes soon after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when Gabriele Sonnino, a survivor of the 1943 Raid of the Ghetto of Rome that saw over 1,000 Jews rounded up and sent to Auschwitz, spoke at the Istituto Brodolini. Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said what happened in Pomezia, which is part of the Rome metropolitan area, was "shameful". "I consider it an attack on the school and its educational role," Azzolina said via Twitter.
    "Racism and anti-Semitism will NEVER enter school".
    Ruth Dureghello, the president of Rome's Jewish community, said the incident was all the more serious because it "violates the sacredness of education.
    "The cowardly graffiti is a sign of violence that is increasingly open and arrogant," Dureghello told ANSA.
    "A cultural response is no longer sufficient, it is necessary to repress this.
    "We will not allow ourselves to be intimidated.
    "We will continue to go to schools and pass on the memory (of the Holocaust)".


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