Coronavirus: No Italy-China flights

As long as health authorities tell us to continue - FM

(ANSA) - Rome, February 7 - Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said in Madrid Friday that flights between Italy and China would continue to be suspended as long as health authorities deemed it "opportune" amid the coronavirus emergency.
    "The suspension of flights is a measure taken to tackle the emergency in the immediate (period) and as long as health authorities tell us it is opportune we will continue to implement it", he said.
    "Every State has taken measures," Di Maio said.
    He recalled that other European countries had recalled their nationals from China.
    "Italy has declared a state of emergency," he added.
    This was aimed, he said, at "privileging the maximum safety of our citizens with respect to the proliferation of the coronavirus".
    "We immediately sought to repatriate our nationals from Wuhan, who have been placed in quarantine.
    "one of these people has tested positive for the virus in the last few hours".


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