Piacenza Klimt painting authentic

Work went missing in 1997

(ANSA) - Piacenza, January 17 - Experts have declared a painting found in Piacenza in December to be an authentic work by Gustav Klimt, the northern city said on Friday. The painting is Klimt's Portrait of a Lady, which went missing from Piacenza's Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery in 1997 and was presumed stolen.
    During work to clean up ivy covering the gallery's exterior wall, an interspace closed by a door was discovered, behind which there was a bag containing the picture. "This news is of historic importance for the artistic and cultural community and for the city of Piacenza," said Mayor Patrizia Barbieri and Culture chief Jonathan Papamarenghi.
    The Barbieri and Papamarenghi thanked the experts and the police who worked on the case and "never gave up the investigation".