Worker arrested for grooming kids on Web

Impersonated sexy woman, abused boys at home near Milan

(ANSA) - Varese, November 7 - A 48-year-old Italian factory worker was arrested Thursday on suspicion of sexually abusing at least four boys after grooming them on the web by using a fake female profile.
    He allegedly lured them to his house in Saronno north of Milan where he waited for them in the dark, dressed as a woman, police said.
    He was arrested on charges of sexual violence against minors aggravated by impersonating someone else, grooming, and possession of kiddy porn.
    The man groomed his victims on Facebook, police said.
    Using a profile of a sexually attractive woman, he promised them encounters for sex, police said.
    Then he awaited them in his home wearing a red wig and speaking in a falsetto before abusing them, police said.
    The man was named as Gino Gatti, a factory worker form saronno.