New Fadil autopsy urged

'No funeral until another one is done'

(ANSA) - Milan, September 11 - The family of Imane Fadil, one of the key witnesses in the 'Ruby' trials against former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi for paying an underage prostitute and for tampering with court evidence on racy 'bunga bunga' parties, called Wednesday for another autopsy.
    "While waiting for the results of the autopsy ordered by the prosecutor's office, the family does not intend to hold a funeral in order to make another autopsy on the body of our loved one possible, since we are absolutely not satisfied with the results that have been leaked," the family wrote in a statement. A week ago, over six months after the young woman died following over a month of agony in hospital, Milan prosecutors gave permission to hand the 34-year-old Moroccan model's body back to her family to allow them to hold a funeral.
    Leaks had meanwhile emerged saying that the prosecutor's office had not found any foul play or poisoning involved in her death.
    She told her sister she believed she was poisoned.


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