Richard Gere in Lampedusa for Open Arms

Actor to ask for migrants on NGO ship to be allowed to disembark

(ANSA) - Palermo, August 9 - American actor Richard Gere is in Lampedusa to support Spanish NGO ship Open Arms and the 124 migrants it rescued on August 1 in the Strait of Sicily, the organization said in a statement on Friday.
    "Richard Gere has joined us to give his support to our crew and all the people onboard", the organization said in a statement.
    The actor on Saturday is scheduled to attend a press conference at the Italian island's airport.
    The vessel has been at sea for the past eight days, waiting for the authorization to disembark the migrants.
    "We believe it is unacceptable that the lives of men, women and children continue to be ignored and that the rights recognized by international conventions continue to be systematically violated", concluded the statement.


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