90,000 irregular migrants in Italy

Not 600,000 says minister, M5S says Salvini used higher figure

(ANSA) - Rome, April 24 - An estimated 90,000 irregular migrants have been present in Italy since 2015, and not 500-600,000 as previously estimate, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Wednesday.
    Salvini said 478,000 migrants have landed in Italy since 2015.
    Of these, 268,000 have left Italy for other EU countries while another 119,000 have been received by Italy.
    This means that some 90,000 migrants are missing from the tally, the minister said.
    "This number is much lower than what some people have been saying in the last few days," said the leader of the anti-migrant League party.
    The League's government partner, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), said that it had been Salvini and not others who had consistently peddled the higher number of 5-600,000.


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