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Imane Fadil had high presence of cadmium-antimony in blood

Bunga bunga witness said she had been poisoned

ANSA) - Milan, March 18 - A Moroccan model and key prosecution witness in a Ruby-Berlusconi witness tampering trial had a high concentration of cadmium and antimony in her blood when she died after saying she had been poisoned, Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco told a press conference Monday. Imane Fadil, 34, was set to testify in the alleged bunga bunga bribery case when she fell ill at the end of January.
    She died March 1.
    Greco said that tests on biological liquids had shown above-normal levels of antimony and cadmium, and the prosecutors were awaiting definitive autopsy results.
    The antimony levels were almost three times normal and the cadmium was almost seven times higher than the normal range, Greco said. Partial results from a test have also confirmed the presence of radioactive elements in her body.
    Silvio Berlusconi was convicted but eventually acquitted of having paid for sex with teen Moroccan runaway exotic dancer and underage prostitute Ruby the Heartstealer after judges ruled he could not have known she was a minor.
    He has since been indicted more than once on suspicion of bribing witnesses to lie about the nature of his sex parties.


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