Italy prosecutors alerted Slovakia (3)

Group of Calabrians linked to journo Kuciack's murder

(ANSA) - Reggio Calabria, March 1 - Italian police alerted Slovak police and international bodies "some time ago" on the the group of Calabrians arrested in the eastern European country on Thursday, judicial sources said. Anti-mafia prosecutors in Reggio Calabria "officially brought to the attention of the international police organs and the Slovakian national police the need to monitor the activities of the group of Calabrians arrested because they are suspected of being involved in the murder of the young journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend," a statement said.
    Acting Reggio Calabria Chief Prosecutor Gaetano Paci told ANSA his office had also supplied information about the trio's alleged links to the Calabria-based crime organisation 'Ndrangheta.


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