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'Rape worse at start' man suspended

Comment after Rimini gang rape

(ANSA) - Rome, August 28 - A 24-year-old Pakistani 'cultural mediator' for an Italian migrant-reception cooperative was suspended by the Bologna-based organisation after commenting on Rimini rapes by a North African gang by saying that rape is "a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse".
    Abid Jee's Facebook post caused a storm despite being quickly removed.
    Jee was commenting on the Friday night rapes of a Polish tourist and a transsexual prostitute by a reported North African gang of four in Rimini.
    A politician for the We With Salvini (NcS) rightwing populist party, Saverio Solvini, was sacked after commenting: "But when will it (rape) happen to (House Speaker Laura) Boldrini and the women of the (centre-left) Democratic Party?".
    We With Salvini is the southern branch of the anti-immigrant Northern League, led by Matteo Salvini.
    Solvini was NcS party chief in the southern town of San Giovanni Rotondo.
    Boldrini has long been a target of hate comments because of her pro-migrant stances.
    photo: scene of Polish woman's alleged rape in Rimini


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