Unvaccinated girl, 9, died of measles (5)

In Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, June 28 - A nine-year-old girl died in a Rome hospital on April 28 from complications from a bout of measles which she had not been vaccinated against, the Bambino Gesù Hospital said Wednesday. It is the second such case in two months after a boy suffering from leukemia, also not vaccinated, died in Monza.
    The girl, who lived near Latina south of Rome, was admitted on April 19 with a gene-related disease, a chromosome abnormality.
    She came down with a fever and conjunctivitis on April 14 and was diagnosed with measles on April 26. The complications that resulted included pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency, the latter of which was cited as cause of death.
    The hospital said it had had "over 70" cases of measles since the start of the year.
    The government recently made it compulsory to have 12 vaccinations before being allowed into school up to the age of six.


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