Italians 'don't love Italian'- Crusca

Young people prone to use Anglicisms, says language institute

(ANSA) - Florence, February 23 - Italians "don't really love" their language, opening the way to increasing use of Anglicisms on the peninsula, Crusca Academy President Claudio Marazzini told a conference on defence of the language Monday.
    "Italian is not a language really loved by the Italians," Marazzini claimed, adding that "both young and old people and adults are bottom of the standings on capacity to understand a text".
    His organization is dedicated to research on the Italian language.
    "The reasons why Italy is so disposed to foreign influence is the frequent lack of a good knowledge of its own history and language to the extent that would restore belonging to the national culture," he added.
    "Apart from for food, and even for that less than before, the Italian citizen is very often a kind of stateless person, even if disadvantaged and not easily integrating abroad," the academy head continued.
    "With this basis and roots, young people are easily prone to break off from the national reality and cut their bridges, the few that remain".


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