Diocese calls Bologna gay-marriage registry a 'sneak attack'

Rome mayor says 'long overdue', wants to start process in Rome

(ANSA) - Bologna, September 15 - Bologna's Catholic Diocese denounced the city's formal recognition of same-sex marriages, calling the decision a "surprise attack," according to media reports Tuesday.
    At the same time, Rome's mayor reportedly said the move is "long overdue".
    After a decree came into effect Monday, allowing gay couples to have their marriages abroad added to Bologna's civil register, Monsignor Giovanni Silvagni denounced the move. "These are sensitive subjects that are dealt with slogan attacks and and an approach a bit ideological", said Silvagni.
    He said that "haste and approximation are always bad ideas....imposing thoughts that are slightly weak and young, not sufficiently matured or tested".
    In contrast, Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino said he would follow Bologna's lead and start the process in Italy's capital city "for the recognition of marriages contracted abroad, both heterosexual and homosexual couples".
    On Monday, two Bologna-area couples, including Democratic Party Senator Sergio Lo Giudice and Michele Giarrettano, applied for foreign marriage recognition.
    Bologna Prefect Ennio Mario Sodano asked city mayor Virginio Merola to withdraw the newly recognized marriages.


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