Italians reject cloned meat - survey

Coldiretti survey finds

(ANSA) - Milan, October 29 - Some 91% of Italians would not eat meat or drink milk coming from a cloned animal according to a survey by farmers' association Coldiretti presented at Expo for meat day Thursday. The survey came after the European Parliament approved a revised text on Wednesday to regulations governing 'novel foods', in order to make it easier to approve items for consumption that are developed or produced using new technologies and production processes - including cloned animals. Italy is a European leader in the production of cured meats with 40 appellation products made according to specific rules regarding all phases of production from animal breeding to transformation, Coldiretti said. Pork-based products generate a turnover of 20 billion euros and account for 105,000 jobs. "This patrimony is threatened by alarmism also affecting the beef industry, which employs 80,000 people with a turnover of 12 billion euros," Coldiretti said. "Made in Italy meat is healthier because it is leaner, not treated with hormones and obtained within the rigid disciplines of DOC production," the association added.


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