10 myths about pasta busted at Expo

Aidepi says Italy's favourite dish does not make you fat

(ANSA) - Rome, October 22 - Pasta and pastry-makers association Aidepi plans to bust 10 myths about pasta during the Milan Expo, highlighting that the preferred dish of Italians is not originally from China and does not make you fat.
    Aidepi has planned the myth-busting mission to celebrate World Pasta Day & Congress 2015 which is scheduled to take place at the world fair on October 25-27.
    The organisation explains that pasta is not the cause of weight gain because it is excess calories that cause obesity, not excess carbohydrates. Consuming gluten-free pasta does not necessarily help you slim down and can actually encourage you to compensate for a lack of complex carbohydrates by eating high fat foods.
    It also highlights that salt is added to the cooking water only when it is boiling and just before you add the pasta. Pasta "al dente" or firm to the tooth is healthier because it is digested more gradually by the body.


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