Milan Expo Tree of Life to stay put says Sala

Commissioner and CEO says reopenings to take place in spring

(ANSA) - Rho-Pero, October 21 - Expo's symbolic Tree of Life will not be moved after the world's fair closes on October 31, said Expo Commissioner and CEO Giuseppe Sala on Wednesday.
    The Tree of Life is a 37-metre-high sculpture and interactive installation that has served as the centrepiece for the Italian Pavilion at Expo.
    Sala said the structure, which is equipped to perform light shows and special effects, has "very delicate technology" and that it would be more complex to take it down and put it back up somewhere else.
    "During the months of construction site work and dismantling the exposition site we'll be careful to keep it active and to provide maintenance," Sala said.
    Sala said Expo dismantling would be finished prior to May, but the goal is for Palazzo Italia and Pavilion Zero to be closed off during dismantling work and then reopened in the spring.
    "It's within our intentions, but we have to work on it," Sala said, adding that Palazzo Italia would remain unchanged, preserving its current interior exhibit.


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