Israel in Africa food security projects

Jewish National Fund initiatives help Ethiopians, Kenyans

(ANSA) - Milan, October 20 - International food security projects developed by the Jewish National Fund (KKL), the world's oldest environmental agency, have been presented at the Israel Pavilion at Expo, it emerged Tuesday. The projects included Seeds of Hope benefitting residents of Butajira in Ethiopia; and Furrows in the Desert aimed at generating water resources for farming in Turkana, Kenya. Nyashwaya Peterson, in charge of the Kenya pavilion, confirmed the problems of survival faced by people living in Turkana and said KKL's assistance was essential. Thanks to the project young Kenyans could move from a life of nomadic pastoralism without prospects to agriculture, with new seeds and water resources.
    KKL has been committed to developing the land of Israel since 1901. It works to develop technologies for reusing water and repopulate desert areas, among other things.


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