Coldiretti unveils Foodie at Expo

A virtual farming network, with EU funds

(ANSA) - Milan, October 5 - Coldiretti farmers association unveiled its Farm Oriented Open Data In Europe (Foodie) project at the Expo world's fair on Monday.
    Co-financed by the European Union, the Foodie project is an information network and virtual market giving users access to the contemporary European farming scene, providing a way to share data and provide applications useful to both the public and the private agricultural sector.
    Its 10 partners hail from Austria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, and Turkey. Italy is on the Foodie scene with the BIM Piave consortium of 65 municipalities in Belluno province and Naples-based Enco, an innovation and research consulting company.
    "The role of our consortium is to promote and support area development," said BIM Piave President Umberto Soccal. "Through schemes such as Foodie we mean to help our farmers, and not abandon our land and our mountains".


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