Israel takes the Sukkah to Expo

Israeli pavilion builds traditional Jewish hut for dialogue

(ANSA) - Milan, September 28 - Israel took the Jewish tradition of the Sukkah to its pavilion at Milan Expo 2015. The Sukkah is the hut that that Jews each year build in their gardens in the days of the Sukkot, the festival of the huts and Sukkot, or pilgrimage. The Sukkah recalls the exodus of the Israelites across the desert toward the Promised Land. It is a structure made with the roof partially covered with branches, to create zones of shade but remain open to the sky, a place to find shelter, eat and pray together. A Sukkah was built on the lawn in front of the vertical field of the Israeli pavilion, and was blessed by a rabbi Friday morning. The rabbi placed the 'lulàv, a bundle of plants that represents all men united under the Sukkah.
    The Sukkah will be open to the public from Sunday, September 28 to October 4.
    "We finished the work today so that we would not have to work tomorrow, respecting the Shabbat," the director of the Israeli pavilion, Josh Bendit, explained.
    "We invite all visitors to the pavilion to eat in our hut," Bendit said.
    "The Sukkah is a symbol of dialogue and friendship, a place in which ties are made 'feeding the planet' as the message of Expo wishes," Bendit concluded.


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