Trentino's Melinda apples shine at Expo

Farm consortium produces 400,000 apples a year

(ANSA) - Trento, September 25 - Melinda-brand apples from Trentino are being celebrated Friday in Trentino Square at Milan Expo 2015. The Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Evelina and Renetta Canada varieties grown and sold by the Melinda apple consortium in the northeastern Italian region will be on show until October 1. The last of these is Italy's only apple to bear the DOP stamp of authentic provenance.
    Melinda produces more than 50% of Golden Delicious apples sold in Italy, up from 12% of the market in 2011. Melinda Golden Delicious are exported to 48 countries.
    The Melinda consortium is made up of 16 farming cooperatives representing more than 4,000 orchard-farming families, 6,500 hectares of cultivated land, and 400,000 tons of apples per year.


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