Martina takes Milan Charter to UN

Martina calls move 'crucial' for the immaterial legacy of Expo

(ANSA) - Milan, September 23 - The Italian agriculture minister on Wednesday called this a "crucial week" for the Carta di Milano, a global food practices initiative framed at the Expo world's fair, because he will be presenting it to the United Nations in New York.
    "We will leave for New York to present the Carta di Milano (Milan Charter) at the United Nations. We will arrive with a series of goals that we have identified together with citizens, companies, civil groups, and institutions - even starting from the Milan Protocol proposed by the Barilla Foundation," said Maurizio Martina, making reference to an appeal launched by the pasta giant's nonprofit for food and nutrition. The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) presented the Milan Protocol earlier this year as a proposal seeking global commitment to fight food waste, hunger and obesity, promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable agriculture practices.
    Martina spoke of the related Carta di Milano as Expo's "immaterial legacy".
    The minister also put the spotlight on BCFN's Youth Manifesto, a document aggregating the proposals of 80 young researchers from around the world on solutions for "the food of the future".
    The work done in preparation for Expo "will leave its mark" in the "new objectives for the millenium that will begin in a few days at the United Nations," Martina concluded.


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