Emilia Romagna launches Expo forum

Exploring sustainable food production

(ANSA) - Milan, September 22 - The Italian region of Emilia Romagna has launched the World Food Research and Innovation Forum at Milan's Expo world fair.
    The two-day forum involves research into food security and is set to repeat every two years.
    Participants will look into ways to feed the planet in a sustainable way while preserving and renewing biodiversity, with a focus on the union between food, water and energy.
    Thirty international experts in the sector are among the invited guests, and the forum seeks to promote dialogue, share research findings, and encourage the implementation of policies that favour regional and global development.
    Emilia Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini said his region can offer key scientific and technological know-how.
    It has launched 88 food-related projects in recent years, using 26 million euros in European Union financing. These are in the fields of farming, fishing and biotechnology, and have included a study into how to extend the life of fresh food.


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