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Inflation risks being unfair tax says CEI chief

Parl'mt shd heed yen for unity in president election - Bassetti

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 24 - Rising inflation risks being a hidden tax that hits the poor hardest, the head of the Italy's Bishops Conference (CEI), Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, said opening the permanent episcopal conference in Rome on Monday.
    "Growing inflation is arousing a lot of social alarm also because, if it is not contained within physiological limits, it can become a hidden ad unfair form of taxation that strikes above all middle-to-low incomes, the most exposed to the increase in consumer prices," CEI President Bassetti said.
    He also said the CEI was praying that, in the ongoing election of an Italian president, parliament should "hark the desire for unity" coming from the country. (ANSA).


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