Draghi says workplace safety norms send 'signal'

You can't save on workers' lives says PM as spate continues

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 15 - Premier Mario Draghi said Friday that workplace safety norms recently approved by the government sent the "unequivocal signal that you cannot save (money) at the expense of workers' lives" after a shocking spate of workplace accident deaths continued with more more fatalities, one near Milan in Lombardy, one near Modena in Emilia-Romagna, one at Sassari in Sardinia and one at Barletta in Puglia.
    " I wish to express the government's, and my, satisfaction over the workplace safety norms," said the premier.
    "Over the past months we have witnessed an unacceptable number of deaths.
    "As the government, we committed ourselves to doing everything possible to prevent these episodes happening again." Draghi said "the norms are the realisation of this promise. We are increasing the numbers of workplace inspectors, we are stiffening sanctions, we are boosting computerization to improve checks." (ANSA).


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