Poste in row with antitrust over registered-mail fine

Company blasts allegation it damaged justice system

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 15 - Poste Italiane on Tuesday hit back at allegations levelled against it by the antitrust authority as it fined the postal company five million euros for "improper commercial practices" regarding registered-mail services.
    The authority said that, in addition to harming consumers,Poste Italiane had damaged the justice system as several criminal cases had timed out because of delays.
    Poste Italiane said that the "contents of the antitrust authority's statement are unacceptable".
    It added that the "reference to serious damage to the country's judicial system is baffling".
    The company said it would "defend its image and reputation, its rights and the correctness of its conduct" with an appeal to the regional administrative court. (ANSA).


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