Solar-energy investments promote professional development

Brazilian firm has had 4,000 students in four years

(ANSA) - Sao Paulo, November 13 - The massive investments of the solar-energy sector in Brazil are leading to a major diversification of the market and an increase in the demand for professional training courses.
    According to a recent report published by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance consulting agency, the South American country is set to receive almost 100 billion dollars in energy-sector investments by 2040. Taking account of the commitments made by the Brazilian government within the framework of the Paris climate agreement too, these capital injections can lead to the creation of many jobs in the sector. "The market is investing massively in solar energy, with a major expansion since 2014," said Luis Gustavo, the training director for LGL Solar, a company founded in 2015 to help professionals who want to work and be competitive in this sector. LGL offers short theory and practice courses in 25 different subjects, going from designing to installing solar-energy systems, and it also offers online software modules to former students. "We have had more than 4,000 students since 2015," said Gustavo.
    The manager is focusing on 2020, which his company will take part in the Ecoenergia renewable energy fair, which takes place April 14-16 in Sao Paulo and is organized by Cipa Fiera Milano. "It is an event at which we will be able to meet businessmen and producers and which helps in the creation of business and companies and the promotion of the solar-energy market," added Gustavo.
    The fair is a useful way for LGL to showcase its projects for 2020, which include the launch of a new advanced online course and the opening of new branches, mainly in the northeast, Brazil's least developed region.
    "Up to now we have concentrated on State capitals. Now we are going towards the hinterlands," he explained.
    "We want to find students where there is more sunshine".