Fingers crossed for Italy banks - Nouy

'Sad' if institutes hit by political debate like in Greece

(ANSA) - Brussels, November 20 - The chair of the Supervisory Board at the European Central Bank, Danièle Nouy, said Tuesday "let's keep our fingers crossed" for Italian banks amid fears the bond spread's rise due to a budget row with the EU will impact them.
    "So far I don't think the spread has reached a level of serious concern for the banks, but we don't know what the future will bring," she said.
    "It would be very sad", she said, if Italian banks, which have "made many efforts" to clean up their balance sheets, "were hit by the consequences of the political debate.
    "But they are things that happen, the Greek banks' problems started with political discussions and so I can only say let's keep our fingers crossed".


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