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Friars frolicking in snow go viral

'Sister Snow has arrived' say Franciscans in Assisi

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 24 - A video of Franciscan friars in Assisi frolicking in the snow, building a snowman and having snowball fights has gone viral on the Internet.
    "Dear brothers ad sisters, Sister Snow has arrived", says Brazilian-born Friar Rafael in the video shot in front of the upper basilica in the birthplace and shrine of St Francis.
    "We're really enjoying it here in Assisi," continues Friar Rafael, "it's just right for snowball fights".
    In the video, posted on Youtube and Facebook, the friars' snow-fuelled antics are set to music.
    They are shown making a snowman with shoes,, two twigs as arms, stones for eyes, and a scarf around his neck. (ANSA).


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