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Pope Francis says 'heartbreaking grief' for Dnipro

Cannot be indifferent says after strike kills civilians inc kids

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 18 - Pope Francis told his weekly general audience in the Vatican Wednesday that he felt "heartbreaking grief" for the Russian missile strike that killed over 40 civilians at Dnipro in Ukraine.
    "Please do not forget to pray for the tormented Ukraine, so much in need of closeness, comfort and above all peace. Last Saturday, a new missile attack claimed many civilian victims, including children," said the pontiff.
    "I make my own the heartbreaking grief of the family members.
    "The images and testimonies of this tragic episode are a strong appeal to all consciences.
    "One cannot remain indifferent!".
    Francis also repeated that many Christians were falling victim to violence around the world citing the case of the latest priest to lose his life in Nigeria.
    "I ask you all to pray with me for Father Isaac Achi, of the Diocese of Minna in northern Nigeria, who was killed last Sunday in his parish house. How many Christians suffer violence on their skin: let us pray for them!", Francis said at the general audience, greeting English-speaking pilgrims. (ANSA).


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