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Pescara deeply 'disturbed' after deadly hit in bar

Mayor calls on State to intervene

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 2 - Pescara Mayor Carlo Masci said Tuesday that the Adriatic city was deeply "disturbed" after one person was killed and another was critically injured in a hit in a bar there on Monday.
    A 66-year-old architect was shot dead and 48-year-old former soccer player with a criminal record was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a person who walked into the bar with their face covered by a helmet and opened fire.
    The killer managed to get away on a scooter, mingling with people returning from a day at the beach.
    "A wicked crime like this is not part of the culture of the people of Pescara," Masci said outside the bar where the hit took place.
    "This violence is not in the DNA of our city and so this episode disturbs us incredibly.
    "A clear, strong response is needed from the territorial bodies of the State because the citizens are asking for this". (ANSA).


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