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Draghi-Conte meet moved to Wed due to glacier disaster

PM, M5S leader in de-escalation encounter after 'ouster' reports

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 4 - A meeting between Premier Mario Draghi and ex-premier and 5-Star Movement (M5S) Giuseppe Conte to clear the air after Conte reacted furiously to reports, which Draghi denied, that he had asked for his predecessor's ouster as M5S chief, has been moved to Wednesday afternoon due to the Marmolada glacier disaster the premier rushed to on Monday morning.
    The 'de-escalation' meeting will now take place on Wednesday at 16:30 at the premier's office, Palazzo Chigi sources said.
    Conte has also moved an M5S national council meeting that was due after the planned encounter with Draghi.
    At least six people are dead and at least 19 missing after the disaster at the iconic northern Italian glacier Sunday.
    Draghi has firmly denied reports he asked M5S founder and stand-up comic Beppe Grillo to remove Conte after the former European central banker clashed with his predecessor as premier over sending more arms to Ukraine. (ANSA).


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