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NATO decisions essential for our security - Guerini

Happy at step towards Finland-Sweden entry says defence minister

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 30 - Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini, deputizing for Premier Mario Draghi who had to return to Italy to address government tensions, said Thursday the NATO summit in Madrid had been "a historic moment" and had made decisions that were essential for its members' security including Italy's.
    "With the new Strategic Concept decisions have been taken which are fundamental for collective defence and for our security," he said.
    Guerini said he was "happy" that Finland and Sweden had been invited to join the Alliance with Turkey having dropped its veto.
    "I'm happy with the step taken towards the entry of Finland and Sweden," Guerini said.
    he added that the summit had been a "demonstration of strong cohesion among the Allies, with knock-on effects also at the level of industrial collaborations". (ANSA).


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